Shangri-La Mobile Home Park

Driving Directions

Manager: Angie Balcombe

Manager's Office Address:
10964 E. Orchid Ln., Lot 50A
Rochelle, Illinois 60168


Property Location Information:

10964 E. Orchid Ln., Lot 50A
Rochelle, Illinois 60168

Phone and Fax: (815) 562-6392

Community Features

  • Most lots with mature trees
  • Country atmosphere
  • Playground
  • Large athletic field

Monthly Rental Rates

$332 per month, which includes water, sewer and refuse pick-up

Currently Available

  • Lots Available
  • New Homes periodically available under lease plans
  • Pre-owned homes starting at $3,000
Mobile Home for Sale, Rochelle, IL

2016 Champion Home

1280 Aprox.Sq.Ft
3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms


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